Plastic Surgery Vs. Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic surgery vs cosmetic surgeryDo you know that Plastic surgery is different from cosmetic surgery?

Cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery have different goals. Cosmetic surgery focuses on enhancing a patient’s apearance and most of all cosmetic surgery is elective.

The scope of cosmetic surgery procedures includes:

  • Breast Enhancement
  • Facial Contouring
  • Facial Rejuvenation
  • Body Contouring
  • Skin Rejuvenation

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Getting Too Big? There Must Be Reasons

Gaining weight

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What if one day, you’ll just realize you’re too big to fit your jeans and shirt?

Will you be rushing up to a clinic to re-sculpt your problem areas? What options do you have?

Studies show that there are factors affecting people’s health which lead them into obesity. It takes time to get back into your fittest once you’ve become too fat. Several even resort to Thailand cosmetic surgery in order to get back into shape. Many have been wondering why do they become too big. Continue reading

Re-Sculpting That Flat Rear

Girl on sexy bikini

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What could be the reason you have considered going for a Thailand plastic surgery? Perhaps, those skimpy clothes you wore during the summer made you realize you need to get one. Selfies may take its toll. Front view, side view, back view, and stop! Is there something wrong with your buttocks? What does everyone mean when they talk about the ‘beautiful butt’.

The Singh’s theory untangles the truth. The theory states that the beauty of the female’s torso depends and is related to the waist and buttocks. This is what most surgeon’s focus – the right waist and hip proportion. That is how sculptors analyze the body shape. Although most women would look forward to getting that ideal shape, surgeons take advantage of the new methods to achieve the shape these women desire. Continue reading