Re-Sculpting That Flat Rear

Girl on sexy bikini

Did you know?

What could be the reason you have considered going for a Thailand plastic surgery? Perhaps, those skimpy clothes you wore during the summer made you realize you need to get one. Selfies may take its toll. Front view, side view, back view, and stop! Is there something wrong with your buttocks? What does everyone mean when they talk about the ‘beautiful butt’.

The Singh’s theory untangles the truth. The theory states that the beauty of the female’s torso depends and is related to the waist and buttocks. This is what most surgeon’s focus – the right waist and hip proportion. That is how sculptors analyze the body shape. Although most women would look forward to getting that ideal shape, surgeons take advantage of the new methods to achieve the shape these women desire.

Fixing a Flat Butt

Truth is, there are women that do not have enough cushions on their seat. It’s a good thing Thailand cosmetic surgery offers packages that enables these unhappy women to take a trip to Thailand to enjoy, take a vacation, and most of all, re-sculpture their flat rear. You are not alone, more and more women would want to enhance their bodies and fix their flat butt.

Along with the evolving technology, plastic surgery in Thailand, enables women to have two options to choose from.

Option # 1: Fat Injections

In order to enhance and augment your buttocks, the procedure is simple. Fat is removed, most commonly from your abdomen. And yes, it is possible to remove the fat from your love handles. This fat will be dispersed in between the muscle and skin in your rear area. Just as any type of surgery, the pain could be minimal. As a matter of fact, you can even start making the most of your vacation the day after the surgery. However, you may have to limit your activities so as not to do any strenuous activities until 3 weeks. This should be enough for your recovery period.

Option # 2: Buttocks Implants

You may be familiar with the breast implant surgery where silicone implants are inserted into your breasts to augment its size. The same goes with your rear. Reshaping and enhancing its size may be done with silicone. These implants are inserted right through the fold beneath each cheek where the incisions are being made. If the fat is injected and dispersed in between your muscle and skin, these implants are inserted in between your muscle and bone. Patients would need 10 days for the surgery to recover. And again, it would take at least 3 weeks until you are able to return to doing your strenuous activities.

What hinders you to take the surgery?

You have to keep in mind that each surgery carries the element of risk. You should not just stay in touch with the right medical tourism specialist, but a good surgeon as well. Re-sculpting your buttocks isn’t only during the day when you take the surgery, but you have to think about the preparations and what you should be doing after you go under the knife.