Giving Up on Your Padded Bras

Did you just have your plastic surgery in Thailand? So, it’s no longer a secret. Sooner or later, all of your friends will find out that you are throwing away your padded bras. Not to mention, you have given up stuffing your bra with something that could somehow enhance your breasts.

What motivated you to go under the knife?

You may have noticed most women in their 30’s or those in their child bearing years are those who would take advantage of taking a medical journey. Although there are those who would consider breast enhancement surgeries in their home country, there are those who are comfortable to travel across the miles and take a step closer to have an enhanced body with Thailand plastic surgery.

The joys of being a mother would still remain. However, you could not deny that these mothers become unhappy looking at their bodies as their breast sag and lose its weight after losing weight after pregnancy.

How young can you take the surgery?

Perhaps, the media may have created an outrage that young girls are more concerned about enhancing their breast size. But then again, as eager and motivated to enhance their body and most of all, their breasts, they would talk to a surgeon prior to getting Thailand cosmetic surgery. Whether they like it or not, getting a plastic surgery Thailand has its own requirements. It doesn’t mean that anyone can become a perfect candidate for cosmetic surgery in Thailand. Medical tourism specialists and surgeons have to ensure that you are in good health and shape before you go under the knife. It is at this point where money could not buy anything. So, what about these young ladies who are craving for a breast enhancement surgery? Women who are under 22 are most unlikely to have the chance to enhance their breasts. For some reasons, breasts and tissues are not fully developed during this time. In fact, even FDA wouldn’t recommend for women under 18 years old to undergo breast surgery.

When women want it bigger…

It all depends on how you would define ‘extreme’ and normal. Yes, a woman’s body come in different size and shape. You look around in the lingerie section at the mall. You would see bras in different sizes. Now, you begin to shrink and if you could… you would hide in the corner and wish you too could buy that larger bra. Meanwhile, there are breasts that are oversized. No, you wouldn’t want that. As you take your first step in your medical journey by having a discussion with your surgeon, they would know what is best for you. This is one of the reasons for staying in touch with a good and trusted surgeon.

Option in wearing Bra

Photo Credits: Fashion-Bust.Com

What’s your opinion?

Would you agree that making decisions is not easy? You may be reading this and still not haven’t decided whether or not to pack your bags and take the next flight to the land of Smiles. As your body is enhanced, you become more confident and happy looking at your body. It’s all natural, no more padded bras!