Simultaneous Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift Surgeries: Is it Safe?

Breast ImplantsWomen have been more concerned on the way their body looks and getting a Phuket surgery is considered to be the best option to take. There are reasons for breasts to sag, decrease in size and do not have even shapes. Some women who have battled against weight loss intend to have saggy breasts the moment they achieve their ideal weight. In addition, breasts shape and size are greatly affected when women just gave birth or are nursing their babies. Although there may be options of undergoing the surgery in your home country, getting it in Thailand is better. Once you travel across the ocean and undergo the surgery, you will have an opportunity not just to enhance your body but to have a complete relaxation and vacation in a country with unique culture and good people. Not to mention the plastic surgery price is far lesser when you have it in Thailand and get a medical tourism specialist to take care of everything for you from the consultation to the flight schedule and the accommodation.

So, which operation should you take?

The moment you plan to have the surgery, it is wise to contact a medical tourism specialist in order to get rid of the complexities of booking a ticket and for accommodation and most of all getting the best cosmetic surgeon. Remember, it may be difficult to process all these, this way, packages are offered for patients to choose which package would be best for them to meet their needs. At this point, everything may be ready but the question still lies on your head and an answer is needed on which medical procedure should you take? Recent study shows that a combination of breast augmentation and breast lift can result to a better result. Other than that, it is also safe. According to the research, a plastic surgery doctor can perform both procedures; a breast lift surgery and breast augmentation. And even in the years 2005 to 2009, out of the 430 breast lift procedures, there were 332 cases of a combination of the two procedures in one operation.

Is it even safe?

breast implantsIn order to determine the safety of the combined medical procedures such as breast lift and augmentation, your surgeon should be able to discuss the rates of risks and complications. Keep in mind that these two medical methods are the most common cosmetic plastic surgery procedures. And because of this, patients wanted to prefer to have the Thai plastic surgery. A number of the happy patients who have undergone a simultaneous breast lift and augmentation were able to avoid the risks of the two surgeries. Not to mention, they have avoided the disappointments of seeing the results after the procedure. Thus, patients and more women are overwhelmed on decision that will be made if the procedure is done one at a time. Although it may be a challenge for some doctors and surgeons, but you do not need to worry since these medical procedures are considered to be the simplest and the safest surgery to be performed. In other words, a combination of the two surgeries are safer and cost-effective.


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