The Journey Of A Breast Augmentation Surgery

Journey Of A Breast Augmentation SurgeryAs you begin to take the step in undergoing Phuket surgery, you will be able to see your goals being achieved. Consider it a journey the moment you decide to have the breast augmentation surgery. This journey will be able to unfold your real body, enhance your beauty, and most of all, make you feel good.

Initial Consultation

This is where your journey begins. There will be a lot to discuss during a private consultation with your plastic surgeon. Options, benefits, risks or possible complications, different medical procedures, types of implant and even the do’s and don’ts on the post surgery will all be discussed with you by your doctor. This is the chance for you to be able to enlighten your mind with regard to this kind of surgery. Along with its popularity, this is also considered as the simplest and the safest type of surgery. However, if you have any questions with regard to this kind of Thai plastic surgery, your doctor will be able to address on those issues.

Perhaps, you may still be wondering why you should undergo the surgery in Thailand and not in another place. Keep in mind that plastic surgery price when taken in your home country would be tremendously high. On the other hand, medical tourism specialist will discuss the difference between undergoing the procedure in your home country and in Thailand. And you will be able to realize the huge difference. Imagine it will only cost you even to as low as a quarter from the total cost of the surgery taken in your home country. In addition, specialists offer packages that will take you to a place with a diverse culture and warm people.


Journey Of A Breast Augmentation SurgeryContinuing your journey, this is the time when a plastic surgery doctor examines your body and determine whether or not you can become the perfect candidate for a breast implant surgery. A best cosmetic surgeon will also give you advise and tell if he will be able to achieve your goals. These are the experts that must educate their patients. Not to mention, they need to tailor the medical procedure in order to meet your goals.

Pre-Operative Appointment

At this point, your medical tourism specialist as well as your doctor should be able to have all the necessary information that they would need. Part of your journey is allowing your doctor to review on your medical history, signing of the consent forms and even prescriptions for post-operation procedure are provided.

As soon as everything would be ready, your medical tourism specialist will send you to Thailand complete with the accommodation and the surgery including the pre and post operation procedure needs.

In the Operating Room

Your performing doctor must make you feel comfortable. There may be some anxieties with a mixture of excitement knowing and understanding your goals. Communication is a crucial whenever you want your goals to be achieved.

Post-operation or Recovery

Towards the end of your journey, you will be brought to the recovery room where nurses will be attending your needs in order to make you feel comfortable. However, being in Thailand will allow you to fully recover and achieve positive results.


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